Calgary Face Painter

Yes...this was just fun! Easter face paint for a client and her son....both were happy campers that day!
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter

Griot Hand Painting

This was a much different request than I'm used to when face painting in Calgary, but I was asked if I could hand paint Griot for a client.....with a little research it happened....right on her hand! :)
Cara Gannon, Calgary face and body painter

Calgary Henna Artist

Thank you to the lovely ladies this past Sunday who had me come to their party to do henna art on were so much fun!
If you want a Calgary Henna Artist for your party or event, just give me an email at  I'd love to hear from you!

Calgary henna artist Cara Gannon

Calgary Kids Airbrush Tats

For a simpler, faster more fun airbrush tattoo idea at your next event, these geometric style temporary airbrush tattoos went over very well at an event Saturday where there were large crowds and I had to get through the long line-up quickly.

Calgary Airbrush Artist

Temporary airbrush tattoos are a great way to have fun and look dangerous for a couple of days until they wear off.....without the pain! :) The above temporary airbrush tattoos were done at a party in Calgary where the client wanted some "tougher" looking temp tats for a group of adults.
Cara Gannon, Calgary Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

Kids Face Painting in Calgary

I finished face painting a kids party here in Calgary this afternoon... sweet kids! Thanks Monica....your party rocked!
Cara Gannon, Calgary face painter

Kids Facepainting in Calgary

A couple of face painting parties here in Airdrie and Calgary...……. kids can be so much fun to face paint! I love it!
Cara Gannon, Calgary, Airdrie face painter

Calgary Halloween Face Painting

Halloween was a busy time for me doing private face painting designs for party goers right in my house by appointment. I'm actually glad it's over so I can get back to painting kids faces here in Calgary again.
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painters

Calgary Kids Face Painting

The very last of my outdoor face painting here in Calgary. They had to be done fairly quick as the line-ups were long and the little ones were standing in the heat for quite some time, but I did manage to get through them all.... :)
Calgary Face Painter, Cara Gannon, Calgary Kids Face Painter

Theme Face Painting

Halloween is coming right up and here's a couple theme face painting samples I did.
Calgary Halloween face painting, Cara Gannon

Calgary Face Painter

These three pretty ladies were travelling around the world! I was happy to paint them an elegant "over one eye" design..... you look lovely girls!
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter

Calgary Face Painting

Well.....these two were much easier to paint.... Not everyone wants a design painted on their face as these two young gentlemen requested, the next best place? On their arms..... :) And I'm sure Mom found it easier to wash off.... :)
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter, Face Painter in Calgary

Calgary Face Painter

I have one more event here in Calgary to do kids face painting for a large condo development company, so far I've worked at nine of them. I had to work quite fast and keep the face painting quite simple as the line-ups were very long and I didn't want the little ones standing in the heat too long waiting....:)
Cara Gannon, kids party face painter in Calgary.

Kids Face Painting in Calgary

We've had one VERY hot summer here in Calgary to do some face painting, there was no let up on the sun shining....which is great, I'm glad my paints held out and the kids weren't sweating too much to apply the face paint...all was good! :)
Calgary face painter Cara Gannon

Face Painter in Okotoks

Two full weekends had me face painting and doing temporary airbrush tattoos in Okotoks for a sporting event.  I was able to try out a new design ( for me ..) on this young lady above. Most all of my guests were females though the odd "little brother" did get his face painted as it was a girls sporting event.
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter, Face Painter in Okotoks

Day of the Dead Face Painting

This party goer booked an appointment to come to my home studio to have me face paint a "day of the dead" theme. He had asked me also to design a hat and necklace for him to wear. The flowers were hot glued onto the bowler hat and the skull necklace was bought from the Dollar Store, then stained with a dark stain. He was happy...and I was happy!
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter, Sugar Skull Face Painting

Calgary Face Painter

Here's a couple from a couple of different events face painting here in Calgary. I had to keep them quite simple because the line-ups were long and I was the only face painter at both events....but all was great! :)
Cara Gannon, Calgary Face Painter, Calgary Temporary Airbrush Tattoos